July 5 -Today was our first “swim” at the local wading pool. Dave managed to take this picture before we realized that cameras were against the rules. We also broke the ‘no eating in the pool area” rule. Too bad no one told me about the “don’t step on the bees” rule. I did. I was pretty worried because I am allergic to bees but haven’t been stung in 20 years, since I last stepped on a bee in college. I normally have the affected part of my body swell up like a balloon. I do not know if it was quick thinking or stupidity but I pulled out the stinger and pinched the part of my foot that was stung then sucked on it to get any left over poison out. Eventually all was well, a little sore and very little swelling!!! Maren and Aveah met us at the pool and we had a good time cooling off then eating sandwiches and poutine in La Fontaine park.


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