July 7 – Attrape-moi by Flip FabriQue was a super show.  Dave thinks it is the best circus show he has ever seen – including Cirque du Soliel.  It was a lot of fun, great music, good rhythm, good story line, lots of emotion.  The founder of the company said in the program, “When I was little, my mother used to tell me, ‘Stop jumping, stop running, calm down, stand still for 2 minutes’ … Now 15 years later, I play, I throw things in the air, I play with my eggs in the morning, I jump around, my friends throw and catch me just for fun… Adults forget to play and have fun.  Playing in the bath, cooking noisily, goofing around, throwing eggs.  Adults lose their child-like side that I think keeps people happy and alive… Come let’s play!”   


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