Initiating Karen’s new BBQ

Initiating Karen's new BBQ

July 8 – Today we got to “help” our friend Karen initiate her new BBQ. During our Montreal visits we have had many fun times in Karen’s yard, playing in the water, eating fresh veggies from her garden, talking, drinking, and just enjoying Montreal summertime. All the next photos are of Karen’s yard(s).

Also today Dave went out with our friends Sacha and Yanel (Alex and David) to a brew pub and got the royal treatment because Alex and David write a pretty popular Quebec beer blog/pod cast. The owner recognized the immediately and they got some pretty special reserve beer on the house.

Gabe and I went “swimming” at the pool again and found out that week day “free swim” in the summer means that there are at least 50 day camp kids in the pool. I could hardly hear him talking to me and I was holding him! We may stick to the water features in the park on week days and reserve the pool for weekends and for me to go during “adults only” swim times.


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