USA? No Spain

USA?  No Spain

July 12 – The photos never do justice to the fireworks shows. I took a video but can’t upload it here. I thought we were watching the USA show but it turns out we were watching Spain and the US show is next week. I told Gabe that the finale is when they shoot off A WHOLE LOT of fireworks at the same time. He asked me at least 4 times if it was the finale – a spectacular show!!! GO ESPANA! Gabe walked the whole way home and didn’t get out of bed once after I said good night – a tired little boy after this great day. When we talked about tomorrow (powwow, buskers, out door circus, and comedy fest parade) he told me, “Maybe we shouldn’t have stayed out so late tonight. I am going to need lots of energy for tomorrow.” Wowie zow zow. Lots of fun having nonsense conversations today while we were walking.


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