Gabe Got His Own Drink

Gabe Got His Own Drink

July 22 – On our tour of St. Bock Gabe was pleased to notice that they had juice in the basement/cellar. Michael asked Gabe if he’d like a special drink too and brought him a fancy glass of pineapple juice with 2 straws and wedges of both lemon & lime.

Tonight Dave and I went on a date to Dieu du Ciel – another local brewpub, for dinner and drinks. We had not done much walking today, since we only walked to St. Bock a few blocks away, so didn’t have much of an appetite. Mostly it was a liquid dinner – 5 tasters and 2 pints plus 1 grilled cheese with ham and 1 pretzel.

Gabe has his own “date” of sorts. He went out with our sitter, Erica, to the Comedy Fest and saw “fake people” – one of which was an electric baby… When we got home they had already made plans for what they are going to do when Dave and I go out on Thursday, “Get samples at the Dr. Pepper booth, watch the comedy fest, then come home and watch the Incredibles.” I don’t think Gabe minds too much when we go out!


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