A plan, a change of plans… see what happens next

 A plan, a change of plans... see what happens next

July 24 – We had planned museum of fine arts to show Gabe an Emily Carr painting (he is named after her – Gabe Carr Gray) and check out the collection. We got a bit of late start due to a wonderful swim – which nearly got rid of the awful kink I had in my back when I woke up yesterday – we walked through the Place des Arts and when we got there realized our time was going to be really short at the museum and decided to post pone it for another day. We stopped to see what was going on at the Comedy Fest and were about to leave when i heard “commence in 8 minutes” and wandered over to see which show was starting. It was Duo Hoops – a silly comedy/acrobat/circus show – so we stayed to watch.


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