One Last Date

One Last Date

July 29 – It’s been our motto for a while and it comes up whenever we spend money on something we really like (A/C, nice dates…) but feels a bit extravagant, “It’s cheaper than marriage counseling…” For our 6th date this month we headed to Benelux microbrewery for beer tasting (surprisingly liked the brown ale aged in bourbon casks) and then to Le Square on Prince Arthur – a very quaint walking street. We’ve passed the restaurant a few times on our trip and Dave often said, “I want to eat at a place like that before we leave.” Tonight was a perfect night for it – a bit chilly – just enough to enjoy the onion soup before a great meal. On our waiter’s recommendation Dave ordered the pasta with prosciutto and foie gras – I ordered the duck in raspberry sauce. Perfect meals to trade half way through. The wine we brought was a perfect match and the creme brulee and espresso (guess who ordered which?) after dinner was a nice way to end and almost perfect night.


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