Time to Kill, Mystery to Solve, Nature to Save, Ice Cream to Eat…

Time to Kill, Mystery to Solve, Nature to Save, Ice Cream to Eat...

August 2 – After nap we headed outside to the outside lounge area to hang out, run around, drink a beer or two. Gabe and I were “detectives” and detected that the hotel uses the grounds for weddings. It was not hard to tell by all the fake flower petals littering the lawn, the bushes, and the reeds on the way to the near by stream. We made a game out of picking up as many of them as we could find – which turned out to be LOTS. We picked up flower petals for about an hour. When we were nearly done the grounds keeper/janitor came out and thanked us then brought us ice cream and took our photo (Dave has no ice cream because he wasn’t on our detective team). Other clues we found were a party favor shaped like a cake that had bubbles in it, a white ribbon tied in a bow, and candle holders.


Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

August 2 – Spent the afternoon swimmin’ and picnicin’ at Buttermilk Falls. Our photos don’t do it justice. I planned to go swimming with Gabe but Dave “fell” in so he saved me the chilly full body experience. If we’d had more time I am sure I would have gotten up the nerve to jump off one of the rocks into the pool – the only way to go in ALL IN. Gabe has decided they are called swim-in holes NOT swimmin’ holes. 🙂

Rutland Day’s Farmers’ Market

Rutland Day's Farmers' Market

August 3 – We spent the night of the 2nd in Rutland, VT a place we’d never been before. We attempted to visit Long Trail brewery on our way to town but missed their “lunch” hours (11-6) by a few hours so ended up eating at a great pizza place for dinner – had to drag Gabe away from the game room to get him to eat pizza. He is really looking forward to seeing his friends again. At the farmers’ market we bought some great cheese and a piece of slate that we plan to use as a cheese board and trivet/hot-pad when we get home.

And a Swim in the Lake

And a Swim in the Lake

August 2 – And, after lunch into the lake. I am always amazed that rivers, streams, and lakes that don’t come from snow run off (like in the Sierra’s) are very pleasant for swimming. The day was breezy but the water was nice. Too bad we didn’t get any photos of Gabe jumping off the platform in this photo. Initially he was a bit shy of being in the water but after some “big boys” started jumping off the platform he was all over that idea. He kept jumping long after the boys were all out of the water. It is past time for swimming lessons.

A Walk Around Dublin Lake

A Walk Around Dublin Lake

August 2 – After breakfast we took a walk around Dublin Lake with Pat. We walked through the old cemetery and also spotted a huge hornets nest on our walk. I think Gabe’s favorite part was “running” with Steve for a bit as he caught up with us on his jog around the lake. Last night Steve introduced Gabe to the joy of packing peanuts. They did “experiments” with them and now he just things they are the best thing in the world, next to Steve that is.